Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Meet Rose

Hi Readers.

I went to the strip club today to talk about work and it went well.
Let me explain.
I'll go in on Saturday for a try out in the peep show room. 
The peep show room is a $2 for 40 seconds  coin operated viewing room, think of it as a sexy vending  machine.
I get half of every $2 made.

You just get nude In 2 min and roll around dance and play with yourself.  (sounds easy enough)

And if I get game I can get booked for private dances, It's $60 for 3 songs and i get to keep all the money i make in "extras" eg. $50 extra for touching all except Va-jayjay, or $80 for touching and hand play (hand jobs) although i wont be giving hand jobs. But i can do something like "$50 for touching and an extra $100  for kissing, but just for you i will charge only $120 for both together"
So you see how you can make a ton of money.
oh and there is no "full service" allowed, so no head and no sex. if you do you will get the boot like "that" *snapping fingers*

Neena (the stripper who looks after the girls) said that i will make a heap of money, 1) Because punters love a new girl, and 2) because I'm pretty and have a good look.

I got to pick a name, It was hard but i ended up picking Rose.
Neena said its perfect because i look a bit sweet and delicate, and i look like an English Rose with my fair skin and blue eyes and full red lips. 

Just FYI. I will put on makeup and i will do my hair and i will put on some lipstick, oh and i wont have on my "My milk shakes bring all the boys to the yard" tank top on. I do have some class, I'm an English Rose after all.

But It is nice to know that everyone that works there said that i will be "raking" it in. how sweet :)

So because Rose is my other side i can make her whoever i want, It then poses a question "Who is Rose?"

I want her to be beautiful, skilled, desirable and elegant like Bell from Call Girl

I want her to be sweet and funny like Anna Faras. (from all of the Scary movie franchise and any rom-com)

And Charming and sexy like Marilyn. Who can resist that charm and heavy lidded eyes. 

But she will need to be strong and clever with a quick wit while keeping her sex appeal  like Samantha from Sex and the City.

All of those people are blonde. Together they make the ultimate blonde bombshell. 

So with these powers combined I give you Rose.

I hope it goes well. I really want to get stuff for myself and go shopping. :)

Talk soon 

Awkward girl xoxox

ps... don't judge me. ok. i'm doing this for clothes and shoes.


  1. Rose suits u..i also thot of somthng like this long time back..but here at our place theres nothng like strip club..its totally taboo here..people hv uncountable extra marital affairs,cheat on their partners,rape, abuse minors nd do all kind of shit thngs under wraps..but no dancing or somthng like this..i hate this kind of hypocrisy..i wish i was born in west..ok leave it..yeah so i was saying i still want to do somethng for that extra money..but i hv someone in my life rite nw..nd he is very controlling..i thnk i shud stop ranting nw :)..btw u go shopping girl!..njoy nd take care.

    1. Thanks Lily :)

      Here In Canberra it is all fine to work in the sex area. some of the "working girls" even pay Tax.
      I think i like Rose too. its growing on me

  2. Oh My Jesus!! How energetic and bold(yes you are no doubt) you are. I've never heard or seen such kind of stuff coming from this sort of brain and beauty composition. You are really hilarious and of course Rose is defiantly worth taking, you are completely fit for it. You know rose, its a very strange strange experience for me coming right from a very traditional and religious background. Though I enjoy reading these glittering dots of your life. All the best and keep blessed :)

    1. Wow thank you.
      Its words of encouragement like this that make me want to continue writing.
      "Glittering" that is a strange way to describe my life. No one has ever seen it in that light. Maybe shocking or offensive but I dont know about glittering.
      Thank you again and stay tuned to see what happens to rose in the strip club.

  3. Indeed, Its pleasure exploring your experiences, and believe me it is really very glittering to me. Further, it sounds really interesting and somehow making me extremely curious to know what is gonna happen from now :)