Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Metabolism jump start and pee

Hey my little mouse clickers.

A quick update on how i am going in my quest for recovery.
I have upped my calories from 500 to about 900-1000 i am taking ion pills and eating small amounts of chicken and fish.

But despite my efforts to prove to people I’m getting better I have had a bit of a shock.
I weighed myself on Sunday expecting to see something like 60kg or 61kg going from 59kg (a small gain but it’s a start) well what I saw was 57.8kg. I have never seen it that low in all my days, even when i hardly ate a thing.
I think my metabolism is working better now that I’m getting food and protean, not good when you want people to think you’re eating more and i was kind of pissed off because i worked hard to eat that little bit extra and now people won’t believe me; I even feel thinner in the face and belly area.

Well because it’s working so well now I’m starving all the time.
Yesterday while I was filing at work (30 min after a big lunch and cheese puffs and a freddo chocolate) my belly started to make notices then my energy plummeted to the ground like an obese skydiver.

"Holy shit, i need food stat"
My energy was dropping so quickly i barely made it to my jelly cup before i passed out like a model at fashion week.
And I nomed that jelly cup up so fast like it was saving my life.

But it was like my stomach was working overtime; it started to rumble and feel empty within 15 min.
You should have seen me when I got home, I started cooking and eating like i was having an outer body experience.

But despite my intense hunger I still managed to put together an egg white omelette with mushroom capsicum onion artichoke and spinach.
When I came back to earth I was very impressed with what i can chuck together when I’m blind with hunger.

So that was my health, now ill will give you the inside scoop on my stripping.

Wednesday was a good night for me; i came away with $410 yay!
I didn’t end up working in peeps that night, because a girl i was working with doesn’t really do privates because she has a boyfriend. That fine, more money for me.

My first private for the night was youngish and kind of chubby.
he gave me the feeling that he wasn’t very good with people.
He gave me $100 and kept asking me about my hair maintenance. "Do you shave or wax?" he said as he rubbed my legs.
I quickly snuck a feel of my legs to see if there was stubble from my goose bumps, (I was kind of cold) but all was ship shape this guy is clearly crazy.

Then he made comments on my lady bits "you have such a perfect pussy, it’s like a drawing"
"umm thanks' i said after looking down to inspect my seemingly normal vagina.

We stood up and i continued to pull on his little ding dong, every now and then he would try and touch me down there and i would have to tell him "no that’s not allowed" but he did get me when my hands were "occupied" and quickly got a finger past my pussy lips and then licked his finger. (i should of charged him an extra $50 for that)

After a long time we got closer to the end and I told him i would like to make him "finish" before time is up and like clockwork there was a warm squirt then another down my leg.
I first thought he was Cumming but then it started to smell and sting; I had just been peed on, splendid.
Maybe he didn’t want to disappoint me, how sweet.
Oh yeah. He also left a skid mark on the towel covering the table.

I acted cool and waited till he had left the club before my freak-out to start.
Seeing as there was no anti bacterial wash in the room I had to rush to the bathroom and scrub my leg with hot water and soap, i will never be clean again.

But that was made up for when my next client came in.
Tall, clean early 30s and European.
He gave me $100 to be nude with touching and hand relief.
He was not only lovely, interesting and well travelled he smelled nice too; a perfect client.

After some time in the massage room he sat up on the edge of the table and put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer.
I continued with the hand job as he trailed his lips over my collar bone and exhaled; it was the kind of sensual touch that made me go weak at the knees.
He kissed my neck and our faces were so close out noses were nearly touching, I had to remind myself that he was a client.

He finished and I spent the last few minutes giving him a back rub and relaxing him.
Wow that is sooo much better than the one legged old man and the fat guy that peed on my leg.

So that was that, other clients have come in but those were the more eventful ones.

My birthday is in two days so happy 22nd birthday to me :)

My best friend might not be able to go out clubbing to celebrate because she has no money, I have told her to dress up for clubbing anyway when we go to dinner and I’ll be sure to get her drunk before its night club time.

I have a way with people.

I pick up my big sister from the airport tomorrow yay
And that is it I think.
I will let you know how my birthday goes.

The Awkward Girl xoxo