Sunday, 24 March 2013

To be a prostitute. What's the issue?

Hi to all my readers.

I have been spending a lot of time alone lately, and for me that is watching TV and having a Secrete diary of a London call girl marathon.
It got me thinking, if Hannah/Belle can be a prostitute and love her work why not me.
She doesn't do drugs she's clean rich and loves her body.

I love money too, and although i make $55k a year I still need more. I have about $30k of debt I'm paying off for my current car and my first car (which was a death trap and I only had it a year) I also have insurance, rent, car rego, bills and living costs. All up I have Just over $1000 in expenses every two weeks.

But I also see a shrink and I get my hair done every 4-6 weeks and I want to get laser hair removal, so you see how I do need more money pronto?
I have applied for higher paying jobs but the system is slow and i want money now.

So what is the big deal with being paid for sex?
I know people that work in the sex area as strippers and it’s all perfectly legal in Canberra they pay tax and everything, the government workers have to get their rocks off somehow.
You can make $1200 a week doing it, now don't get all worked up i would only do it maybe two nights a week and possibly some dancing.

In the end it's just money and sex.
I want to have expensive things and live in a nice place and pay off my debts and get a house and fill it with nice things. But isn't that what we all want?

I don't know how i feel about doing the deed with some old man with grey pubes, i would have to get into a completely diffract mind set, pretend that I’m a porn star and do it like I’ve done it over a thousand times before.
But i don't know if i have the body for it; I don't have big boobs, I’m not skinny and my stomach isn't tight and toned.

Well there is nothing more i can do other that call and ask.
And while I wait I might have some hot coco and diet chocolate mousse.

The Outcome

Ok, so i called the brothel to ask about reception work, they asked me about my experience and told me they might have some work in a few weeks and it pays $20 an hour.

I then asked about the escorting jobs.
The lady on the phone told me that the girls make $150 an hour after the business takes a cut and the more outgoing girls can sometimes makes $1600 a night.
Holey shit!
I asked her what kind of look they were after, she said friendly and outgoing.
"No, like what body?"
She said they have girls there that range from a size 6 to 16.
I was a little suspired by that, i told her that I’m a 10 and that I’m a little shy.
"Clients like all kinds of girls, even the "girl next door look". It's a really good way to get money fast"
They said i can come in some time and check the place out.

I'm going this Friday.

Don't judge, I was thinking of trying it out and if it's not for me i can ask for the receptionist job.


The Awkward girl

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