Monday, 6 May 2013

Starting over...again.

So I survived Monday and i was awake and focused all day, this is new for me, I normally don't crash it’s just a state of being for me. I just am”crashed".

I have tried eating little bits of chicken and fish and that’s helping.
I’m still under a healthy calorie amount for the day but it is better.
Eg yesterday i ate around 840 calories.

Oh yeah. I’m not supposed to be counting calories.

1 small wheat pancake
1 banana (big mistake, I have never been so full)
3/4 sachet of Nescafe skim Capp
1 mini yogurt topped rice cracker

Morning tea:
2 baby carrots
1 Freddo Frog
1 pack of chicken potato stix

1/3 Pack of slim pasta
A tiny bit of chicken
1/3 can of diced tomato
A bunch of vegetables like onion tomato zucchini mushroom

1/2 Tub of Chobini Greek yogurt
30g mix berries

Afternoon Tea:
Jelly fruit cup

1 dim sum (I was hungry while cooking dinner)
 2 mini yogurt topped rice cracker
1 teaspoon light peanut butter

Finally dinner is ready:
35g tuna
1/4 onion
1/4 zucchini
1 ring capsicum
1/2 mouton bread - rice
2 mushrooms baby
1 1/2 egg whites

I will have the other half for lunch today

2 Fruit jelly cups
2 teaspoons sugar free drinking chocolate
Dash of skim milk and skim soy

1 mini yogurt topped rice cracker
Some plain air popped popcorn
2 prunes

Wow, when I lay it out like that it looks like a lot. I really need to not snack like that at night, I’m not hungry I just get board. You Know that feel?

Today will be somewhat the same, but i had a sandwich thin with light peanut butter and only half a banana for breakfast. (Although I was still crazy full.)
No carrots today, instead i had the other half of my banana.
Swapping Greek yogurt and berries for a diet mousse, and swapping Potato stix for popcorn.
I’m having the other half of last night’s dinner for lunch, and I have a light pineapple Jelly.

I'm going to August's house for dinner, It was agreed that every two weeks i have dinner at her house and every two weeks i have dinner at Diana's place.

I’m worried I’m going to get fat but I know there are more inportant things to worry about.
My sister is coming up from Tasmania in 10 days for my birthday; i don’t think i will get too fat in that time.
What about my stripping?  Men don’t want a chunky stripper; I’m already the fat one.

Anyway, i just wanted to give you an update.
I will post something more meaningful soon. Maybe funny i hope.

OH! Before I forget, there was a guy at the strip club that booked me for a 2 song private dance, he was a bit strange.

I strip down and first thing he does is complement me on my "little boobs" because if you didn’t know I am the president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.
Then he insisted that i dance close up to his face, I’m talking CLOSE UP. Like if i stuck out my tongue I would lick his nose;
He wanted to be near my face.
"You have such a lovely face" he kept saying.
Well I guess he was not a ass,tits or legs man. He was a face man.... because thats a thing now i guess.

Talk soon

The Awkward Girl

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