Monday, 3 March 2014

hiding behind "healthy"

Hi readers I'm back!

I know it has been a long time, (about a year I think) but don't worry because you haven't missed much.

There has been guys, work, eating issues, I made a new friend at a different and more classy strip club (Chloe), I had three new jobs, lost my licence then got it back.

So now that you are all up to date with my ever so exciting life lets get back to the topic at hand (hiding behind "healthy")

It would be one of the first signs of an eating issue; that girl at the party or a restaurant who says no a slice of birthday cake, or orders a plate of vegetables because she has an "intolerance" to something or she is a "vegan".
These people use an intolerance as an excuse to avoid a lot of "fear food"  like bread, cheese, red meat or any junk food.

And coming from someone who does this I know it works.
In-fact it works so well that now I have a real intolerance to dairy, fatty food and some heavy protean like read meat and turkey gives me cramps.

Another "healthy lifestyle" trick people hide behind is when going out drinking.
While everyone is downing Redbull and vodka or cocktails she is drinking a dry white or a vodka soda and lime; when a guy offered her a drink like a vodka squash or a screwdriver she declines and makes up some excuse about not drinking that much tonight, or a classic like "energy drinks make me feel sick" or "I find vodka raspberry too sweet".
Then when the guy walks away or her friends feel awkward and eventually give up she sighs with relief because all of those empty calories will not be worrying her tonight.
And no need to worry about thous 3am pizza slices or kebabs because everyone knows you are a vegan.

But little do they know that being a vegan doesn't mean you are living off nuts and tofu and beans and big tasty vegan gluten free vegetable burgers instead of all the stuff you cut out, really what you have done is cut the "fear higher calorie" food and not replaced it.
essentially you are living off bunny food cottage cheese and long blacks and saying "I'm a vegetarian" .

What's for dinner?
Steam vegetables with a sprinkle of lemon and egg's healthy
What's for a snack?
One whole date chopped up with half a cup of air popped pop corn. get the point.

That gluten free soy free egg free dairy free bread you love is not because it's healthy, it's really because it's the lowest calorie bread on the market.

So yeah. there wasn't really a point to this, I just wanted you to know that I know your secrete, or help you identify a eating issue in a friend.

Yours always The Awkward Girl xx

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