Thursday, 21 March 2013

My not so happy time on Kronic

Hi to all my readers.

You may recall i mentioned in my last post that i will be writing about Kronic and my extremely poor judgment in my next post.
And i always deliver what i promise, so i hope you enjoy and find my little trip fest to be funny and educational.

Oh, and don't do drugs. I feel i should mention that some place...drugs are bad and stuff. 

To start off with i feel like i should explain.

Kronic is a 
legal synthetic marijuana, you can get it in sex shops and some bong shops.

 Kronic looks like this

I had gotten a bag a while back and wanted to give it a go with my best friend.
We cut it with tobacco and rolled it up in cigarette paper, and then we hid the joints in our clutch bags and took them out with us on the town.

When we were between clubs we decided this would be a perfect time to give the joints a go, we lit up and took in a deep breath held for a few seconds and ex hailed....nothing. We did it again and again and again...nothing nothing nothing! Not even a buzz, and we had mixed it with a descant amount of alcohol too.
God damn well that's $35 well spent.

And that was the end of Kronic for a while.

Until that unforgettable night...

It was a Friday night i was 19 and my best friend and i had the house to ourselves.
We wanted to go out and party and there would be no one to tell us when to come home.

But according to my friend I’m a "lame ass piker"
Well we couldn't have that now could we?

So i asked her for one of her leftover anti depressants, my 19 year old brain told me that because it was strong in a few hours i will be a happy little party animal.

But hold on, I'm extra lame so i will need more things to make me into the fun party animal she wants me to be.
So we took a few shots of Sothern Comfort and I had a glass of champagne to try and loosen the stick up my ass. (The bubbles make me slutty)

You know what, I’m feeling brave and it doesn't feel like that pill is going to kick in any time soon, I’ll try that Kronic again but this time i won't mix it with tobacco and I’ll smoke it in my little glass bong instead of rollie paper, that will definitely do something.

I started to pack half the bag into the little brass bit at the end of the bong, it wasn't even full yet.
"Wow for a little thing you can take a lot"
I might as well pack the whole bag in there, I don’t really know how much to use but this looks ok.

I went outside and lit up covering the little hole with my index finger.
Ok breath in....*bubble bubble* .....Breathe out.
That wasn't hard i can do this, i don’t know why so many people choke and cough when they smoke weed. What a bunch of girls.
I ended up doing the whole thing alone, apparently that’s the wrong thing to do. How was i to know that, the Kronic didn’t come with instructions or anything, and i was to drunk to Google.

But what i can remember it hit me pretty fast and very hard, i really should have eaten before i started my night, but i didn’t want to look fat in my dress.

For about two minuets i was happy and ready to party, but by the time i walked through the house to find my friend and now her aunt (who is our age, lets call her Sadie) i was feeling other effects.

"Hey guys, i just smoked all my Kronic"
Sadie looked at me horrified "you did what?  *sigh* your not suppose to do the whole thing and the little bong will make it more concentrated"

Just as she said that my legs started to go numb and i got wicked vertigo.
I grabbed the door of the fridge and held on for dear life.

"Oh my god... I feel like I'm floating! Am i floating?"

Sadie turns to my friend with a look on her face.
"I don’t think we can take her out"

Oh god i’ve messed up everything.
"I’m fine can go out, i just need some water"
I carefully let go of the fridge and cowboy crab walked over to the chairs in the dining room and my friend hands me a glass of water looks up then gasps.

"Fuck look at her face Sadie. I have never seen anyone so white. Hey can you feel the pill kicking in?"

I start sipping at the water but i stop when it starts to freeze me on the inside.
"Um i don’t know, my face feels cold and this water is so cold it’s burning me, i could try eating something?"
"Wait how white am i because i have make up on, so like vampire white or cancer patient white?”

My friend ducks out of the room to get me a TimTam (it’s a very yummy Australian chocolate biscuit, Opera likes them)
They look like this

I can't hide the worry in my voice anymore. My heart is beating really fast it feels like my chest might explode. I hold out my hands and look at them there shaking like Michel J Fox on a coffee high.

....Shit. What have i done?

Everything is spinning and starting to go dark.


I can hear my best friend but i can't see her. She puts something in my hand, it must be the TimTam she was getting me, my vision kind of comes back and I’m looking at the tiled floor and its getting bigger, i quickly sit back up.

"Eat This"

I put it to my mouth and take a small bite, but its not letting me eat it.
I try chewing till it turns into a powder in my mouth, Arg! My mouth is so dry. I take a sip of water but it immediately evaporates in my cold numb mouth, i keep sipping and i manage to get half of my tiny bite down.
I put the TimTam down. "I thought you were my friend TimTam"

I can here my friends talking in the other room

"We can't leave her like this" My best friend says to Sadie.

"She’s fine, give her a little bit and she will pass out or be sick"

Shit what am i going to do, i want them to go out and have fun but if i go out there is a good chance we will have to go to a medical station, but if i stay home alone i might die.

They came back in the dining room but i hardly notated them, i had reached a point where i was going to fall of my seat.
I was shaking all over and everything was spinning and foggy and my heart was racing.
I knew that it won’t be long till i had to go to emergency.

I looked up at my best friend.
"I...I think I’m dying. I think I’m dying.......I think I’m dying"

Sadie laughed
"Your not dyeing you just need to be sick"

Everything spins and my stomach flips over.

"I think i need to go to hospital, but i don’t want your mum and dad to find out."

"I don’t know how to get you to hospital, we have all been drinking a lot" she looks over at Sadie”i don't know what to do"

Something is happening, everything goes black and spins i lurch forward.

My best friend quickly grabs me
“Wow, are you going to be sick? Are you ok? Do you need a bucket?"

"I think I’m dying......." that was all i managed to get out before my mouth filled up and i projectile vomited across the room and all over the dishwasher.

"Ok i think you might need a bucket now"

I was feeling a bit better, but really i was so out of it I didn’t know my ass from my face.
"No i think I’m ok n-"
Then came the second wave of vomit.

After that i don’t really recall a lot except my best friend telling me to strip down so I can have a shower.

When my brain caught up with me all i could see was something like this:

I was sitting on the floor of the shower for god knows how long staring at the water running down the shower door. So many things didn't add up, did i pass out? How did i get in the shower? Where is my best friend?

But as i watched the drops of water meet other drops and form shapes they started to form a line of about 10 tiny hippos in hats, and as the water danced so did they. It kind of reminded me of something from Dr Seuss.
I have no idea how long i sat there watching them dance but at some point my best friend got me out of the shower dried me off and put me to bed.

I have no memory of anything more. But i did find out my lovely friend cleaned up all the vomit and mess from that night.

I felt completely fine the next day. I had some food and water and i was good to go out Clubbing on Saturday night.

So that was that.
I hope you got some enjoyment out of that, and i hope that it was kind of educational.
So don't mix drugs it's very very bad.

And i did eventually learn not to take synthetic drugs... After i took some E my sister gave me. What? It was pink and had a bunny on it, how can that be bad?
Well it gave me the same reaction as Kronic but this time i had the common sense to make my self purge it before the shaking came on.  

So i know better better now, and i hope you know better.
I don't want anyone to start tripping out and seeing  dancing hippos  :)

So thanks for reading and take care.

xoxo The Awkward Girl

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