Thursday, 18 April 2013

All Things In Good Time.

Hi People

So after my first shift as a stripper I had 4 more.
I have decided after very little consideration to do hand relief  (hand jobs).
It will bring me in an extra $50 for each client and honestly if you think about it it’s just a penis.

Although I have been making more money recently it's still considered as being slow.
I think I might be just unlucky.
On Friday last week i was working till 12am but nearly no one came in because the neon club sign wasn't working, and on Saturday no one was staffing the club and I couldn’t get in, then once a girl let me in we had to close because we couldn’t work the till and had no way to get change for the clients.

Although i did come away from Friday night with over $200, but according to the girls thats what i should make on a "standard" night.
Friday night i should be making double that, so i look forward to the neon sign working for this Friday night.

Now i suppose you want some dirt on the clients?
What happened in the private massage room?
How big were their dicks?
Did they do something funny?

Well i really can't say, I have to protect their privacy...

I'm kidding, and they were all freaks.

"yeah babay you're way better than my wife"

One of the girls told me there is a guy that likes to eat his cum, and another guy that is into spanking.
I really hope i don't get them.
Maybe the spanking i coul'd do, It would be better for me than him. >;-)    hahaha

I won't tell you about them all but I will pick out a few encounters that might make for interesting writing material (the ones I can actually remember).

There was my first hand relief client; he was young and chubby with a small ding-dong.
I asked him what i can do for him today and gave him the "extras" price list.
As expected he picked hand relief and touching me. Boom that’s $80 straight up.
It was his first time in a strip club and he was clearly very shy.
I got him to lie down after he undressed.
I tried wanking him for 10 min and nothing, it was like he was cuming internally. Every now and then he would mone and say "omg that’s so good" or he would apologise that he wasn’t cumming while he felt my boobs and my legs and my stomach.

After a while he asked if he could get himself off, i didn't mind i like this job because I’m lazy so he can knock himself out.
It became apparent he was a two finger wanker, it kind of looked like he was trying to pull it off, but it didn't take long for him to finish.
He wanted to give me more money; turns out I’m "lovely".

And on that note, here is a pic of my "uniform" for that night.

My Uniform

Another client was a regular, and he was the guy that was in last week trying to write on the glass in the peep show room.

He just wanted the option of me taking off my underpants $20.
After handing me fist fulls of mints and chocolates (witch i really did not want) he got undressed.

He was a bit shorter than me and was very clean, shaved pubes and upper legs, hairless back and bum.
A perfect client.
he lay face down and got me to give him a back rub.
He talked to me about how he would like to work here and give ladies back rubs, I didn’t have to heart to tell him a lady won’t pay for someone under 5'3 and older than 40 unless he’s Tom Cruise.
He also said that I have an "unusual" pussy.
I looked down "really? But you can’t see anything, it's all shaved and nothing hangs out, it looks normal to me"
He said it reminded him of his ex. (oh gosh thanks)

He also said that he could tell i was an interesting person by looking at me in peeps, I had a sweet face and i didn't look like the other strippers, there was something more to me.

Well isn’t he sweet.
He then wanted to give me a back rub; he didn’t pay to touch me but whatever.
As he climbed over me and rubbed my back he taught he how to say hello in 12 different languages, i can’t remember any of them.
Our session then ended and i said good bye

I only went back down to peeps for a moment before i got another client for a 30 min massage.

I came back up and my last client was still there, I tried not to look at him too much and showed client to the massage room.

I gave him the prices and he chose hand relief and touching me, our capped package of $80

He was middle aged with a shaved head, he looked like a swimmer or a runner.
He stripped down and lay on the table face down.
i started to rub his legs, "are you a runner, you have very well defined legs?"
"I'm a cyclist; I’m here on the weekend to compete"

After a while i got him to flip over and i could see his balls her very high up...from all that bike riding i guess.
He was also circumcised and the head of his dong kind of looked like a mushroom cap.
I started on him and tried touching his balls and what not but his ball placement made it really hard to figure out where to grab.
I encouraged him to touch me and he kept commenting on my boobs.
"I like that you have normal boobs"
Or he would grab at my bum or my hips "you don’t see many nice normal girls working  like this"

Great, I’m flat and fat.

After a while of me got getting anywhere with him he finally came.
i grabbed some tissues and cleaned his belly up and continued to rub his legs and arms and chest, the idea was that with our last few min he can put his hands over me and i will try and relax him.

Then our time ran out and he left, I would normally walk him out but my last client was still there talking to the manager, I think they might be friends.

On Wednesday night i did get a group of teens in peeps, i hate it when that happens, they all huddle in one booth and giggle at you but you still only get paid for one person.
And as predicted they put in about $6 and made faces at me while i danced and smiled.
Then one came back alone, he was cute and looked too young to be in a sex club, he reminded me of Harry styles.
He smiled and waved at me and i waved at him.
I danced around and touched myself for a few minutes, because really all they want is 40 seconds of porn.

So that’s a bit of an idea of what happens.
I really hope the Neon sign is working tonight Mumma wants a new pair of boots.
If all goes well tonight i could be coming away with over $300.
Also there might not be other girls working tonight so i would be getting all the money from peeps and privates. God i hope another girl comes, Friday night till 12am; there will be a lot of drunks banging on the glass in the peeps room.

It makes my sympathise for goldfish
Fishy Fishy Fishy!!!!

Then the owner can come out and be like "stop tapping on the glass, they don’t like that"

Well wish me luck and i hope i make lots of money $$$$

Awkward Girl oxo

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