Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Rose's first day on the job

Hello my lovelies, sorry it has been so long.

First off i would like to share an unrelated story with you from my high school days.

I was sitting in class one day and suddenly I needed to pee pretty badly.
I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, she said "yes but be quick about it"
Challenge accepted.
So I went to the nearest bathroom outside the extra needs class down the hall but to my disappointment there was a whiteboard blocking the bathroom door with a sign reading "out of order"
Thinking that it had been wheeled there from the extra education class I started to push it out of the way.
Suddenly i hear the cleaner Mr Garth behind me say "hey what are you doing? The sign says the bathroom is out of order"
I pause for a moment while my brain ticked over "ohhhh I thought the whiteboard was out of order"
*face palm*

Ok i just wanted to share that with you all.
Now then, back to Rose and my first day in a strip club.

My Saturday started like any other Saturday (except for the early start so i could groom myself)
I showered and washed my hair, exfoliated, shaved my legs underarms and pubes.
I then moisturised did my hair and make up, painted my nails and finally had breakfast.

Then i went into town to exchange a skirt for a smaller size got coffee and mints and at 11:50am sharp i arrived at the strip club.
Also i had developed blocked ears and could only hear if i talked like Fran Fine from The Nanny.

Neena showed me to the dressing room and ran through a few things with me while i got changed into my pink bra and g-string set.
I asked her a few questions about pricing of "extras" if i got booked, and pay (witch i collect in cash at the end of my shift)

After a while of hanging around in the dressing room two other girls came in, a little blonde called Scarlet and a little red head called Eden.
Then were very nice to me and told me when to go through the curtain to the peep show room.

To elaborate in case you don’t know, a Peep show is where there are little toilet cubical with coin boxes and windows in them surrounding a mirrored room with a leather mattress on the floor.
from the outside it just looks like a row of cubical, but on my end there are five little foggy windows in front of me that go clear every time someone puts money in, also followed by a beep.

I wait in the dressing room with the girls listening for the sound of foot steps and the swing of the cubical door.
Then we hear a beep and they tell me I’m on.

I turn up the music and go through the curtain to the mirrored room looking for the clear window while at the same time i swing my hips and start to take off my bra.
I spot a scruffy middle aged man he smiles at me and i take my panties off. (Note to self. DO NOT wear glitter heels when stripping. The glitter will catch on the lace undies and make it very hard to look sexy while you’re trying to rip your panties off your shoe while at the same time your other shoe is sticking to everything in the room)

Once I got nude I hear another “beep” that was the sound of him putting more money in the wall box.
I flick my hair around and drop low to the floor running my hands along my body and down my legs, I then proceeded to slowly run my hands along my lady bits.
"Beep" he puts in more money.
I then continue the process of standing, hair flinging, body caressing, and Va-jayjay touching.
I hear two more beeps till the screen goes black and i put my underwear back on and go back to the dressing room.

I danced for one hour then i changed over to Scarlet.
During my first one hour I only ended up dancing for three people, but I had hopes it would pick up around lunch.
I waited around for a bit longer and then decided to go up top to the counter and maybe i might get booked for a private dance.

It was deader up there than Michel Jackson (too soon?)
I chatted to the manager for a while and watched a little Chinese man get some porn, and a young guy get a crack pipe and synthetic weed.

My turn was coming up soon so i went back down bellow to the dressing room.

When i got there they were getting dressed to go out for lunch and left me to the peeps room alone.

For the hour and a half they were away only two men came in.
The first guy pointed at the chair in the peeps show room and gestured for me to bring it over to his window.
I sat there on the chair for a few minuets witching his shoulder bob up and down as he pressured himself to the sight of me running my hands all over my body.
When the screen went dark i thought for sure he would book me for a private dance but he didn't.

The next guy was a younger fellow, he put in his $2 and i quickly started to strip and tug my undies away from my glitter heels. Then the screen went dark and i wanted for the second beep but it never came.
I was hoping he might be booking me for a private dance but i ended up just sitting in the dressing room eating mints and trying to unblock my ears.

The girls came back and Eden went on peeps.
Then we got a call on the intercom that we had a guy up here wanting a private.
"Rose will do it!" Scarlet shouted.
I hurried up the steps and found a 25-30 year old Asian guy at the counter.
"How much do you charge for ""extras?"" he boldly asked.
"$50 to touch me, $20 to touch yourself and $100 for kissing. But if you get touching and kissing together it’s at a discount price of $120. I don't do full service" (i sound like I’m selling a car)
He looked at me a moment.
"So um, how much for hand relief?"
I thought i just said i don’t do that. *sigh well that’s an extra $70 I’m about to loose.
"I’m sorry i don’t do that, I can go bellow and ask one of out other girls if you like?"
So that’s what i did.

Maybe "hand relief" is something i can work up to.

After a while i got booked for a 15 min massage, the girls warned me that this guy will hassle you to let him have a freebie and he will pay me later, but i have to stand my ground.

I went up top and met the guy who was trying to pay at the counter on his card.
His name was Mic and he looked like a chubby 27 year old, maybe 29.
He had to quickly duck out and get another card and while he did this Scarlet told me that a 15 min massage is about 4 songs and i have to be topless but i can charge extra to have my panties off and all other extras.

So i showed him into the small massage room and asked him to strip down to what ever he felt safe with.
I took off my bra and turned on the music.

Mic wanted to stay seated while i rubbed his legs.
He also wanted to touch himself but i stayed firm, it's an extra $20 for that.
"Come on just let me have a little bit, I’ll bring in $40 next time"

I sighed, "look I’m sorry sweetie, i cant just let you have a freebie, then the other clients will want it too"

"aww but it kind of kills the massage" he said

"Well next time you should bring in more money and i make sure you have a lovely time"

This went on for a while, and in the end i let him have one minute of a play with himself because I’m nice.

It was pretty slow that night, but i got a feel for the place and i hope my other shifts will pick up.

Takings for the night

I learned:
Get heat protector spray for hair
Mints are not food
Get hand sanitizer
I can make double with hand relief
Glitter shoes are a big nono.

Stay tuned i will fill you in as i have more shifts.

The Awkward Girl xoxo


  1. luv u girl..i was regularly checking ur blog..got a li'll concerned about hows ur new job going..u r ok or not..nd yes mints r not food :) ! Tc

  2. Don't worry i am alive. but my internet is not. :(
    blogging on my mobile is hard.
    i'm working on a post now and will put it up tonight.
    Stay tuned xoxo

  3. Your blog have long been pleasing me and this time too. What a dramatic start you got beautiful lady. I wish there were better customers that night but anyway it was a steady start. Wish you best of luck :) and don't just forget to post :)